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"Susan Angermann and I had met without really understanding or expecting more than this one happenstance. As serendipity waved her magic wand, it turns out we were meant to work together about my work explorations. I have had interesting jobs yet haven’t seemed to find the ‘right fit’. I wanted a way to look at my previous work experiences and needed guidance as I currently look at another multi-forked juncture on life’s path.


Susan is trained in a tool called, the Kolbe Index, which I had heard people discuss as helpful and fun.  Under her guidance, I took the test online. The big gem in this process was the one-on-one session with her.  She clearly explained the results of the Kolbe Index.  Her expertise helped me understand why I experience the ‘not-quite-the-right-fit’ feeling in work, some social situations, and the school system.  Turns out, it’s OK given my profile.


Susan’s intelligence carries the test results one step further.  She had a gift for carefully listening to my history and patterns, and then applying the Kolbe’s “Modes of Operation” to explore situations—work, people, lifestyle—well suited to my strengths and natural inclinations. I really recommend taking the Kolbe Index with Susan, who is non-judgmental interpreter and safe advisor." 

Meg — Sarasota, Florida