About me

I have lived in Florida for nearly 30 years. I am married to Chris and we have a son, Erik. I very much understand the challenges of balancing a personal life with marriage, family and a business career. I created my Workstyle Consulting business in 2004 in order to share my knowledge and skills with business teams, groups and individuals.


I started my career as an office worker. My early employers included the Met Opera Guild and French Fashion Academy. From there I branched off as a Freelance Costume Designer, Instructor, Manager and Independent Designer before moving on to Marketing, Sales and Consulting.


I was born, educated and employed up and down the east coast states from New York City to Sarasota before I became a business owner. I have helped business owners, executives, leaders and teams to increase their productivity by tapping into the unique strengths and talents of themselves and their coworkers. My clients tell me how much my services have maximized their strengths, increased their potential and changed their lives.


"Better Late than Never!

I was introduced to the insights provided by the Kolbe during the second half of my forty year career as a teacher, high school principal and central office executive director. Validating how I problem-solve was one of the best benefits of taking the Kolbe A Index. 

I finally had a useful way of understanding why I enthusiastically engaged in some aspects of my work, while I dreaded and avoided others. Reviewing the results with Susan gave me specific insights into how I apply this self-awareness to my work using my range of strengths. It also gave may a better way of assessing the work modes of my staff and colleagues, ultimately contributing to greater team effectiveness. Knowing my MO meant better results with less stress."

Ed Linehan, Sarasota FL